NATA 2016 Syllabus


Design and drawing of geometrical or abstract shapes and patterns in pencil,

Architectural Awareness,

architectural terminology,

Identifying commonly used materials and objects based on their textural qualities and colour.

Historical and contemporary buildings of Architectural importance,

Architects and their Works,

Awareness of persons, places, buildings etc. of Architectural importance,


Aesthetic, Sensitivity and Drawing Skills,Analytical reasoning Mental ability,Elements of Design: Lines, Form, Mass, Solid etc,Generation of plan, elevations and 3D views of objects.Creating two dimensional and three dimensional compositions using given shapes and forms,Development of 3 Dimensional objects from two-dimensional shapes Or vice versa,Visualizing different sides of Three Dimensional objects,theory of colors,Principle of Design, Harmony, Balance, etc.


Scale and proportion,Freehand sketching of objects and Activities commonly seen in the rural or urban/suburban context such as Furniture, Machine, landscape, Buildings, kitchens, Playground, Markets, Railway Platform, Bus Stop, Exhibitions etc, Enlargement & Reduction of Drawings, Mirror image etc.

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